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The Five Things I Learned In My Rookie Year Being A Working Mom

This Fall, I celebrated my first anniversary of returning to work after becoming a first-time mother. Ironically, in the same month, I started a new job. In retrospect, it's not a coincidence. They say the first year is the hardest for significant life changes. It's a period of unknowns, new obstacles, and inevitable mistakes made…

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Baby Dressers Recalled Following the Deaths of Three Toddlers

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued recalls for two types of children’s dressers following the deaths of three toddlers possibly resulting from the furniture tipping over onto them. The concern in both cases is that children will open the dresser drawers to scale the furniture, causing it to become unbalanced and fall over, possibly trapping the child.

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How to Protect Your Family from the Swine Flu

Swine flu, a strain of the virus that commonly infects pigs, passed to people in 2009. That strain, now known as 2009H1N1, caused a global pandemic throughout 2009. The pandemic expired in August of 2010; however, because the virus is still floating around, you should take steps to protect your family from 2009H1N1 and other active strains of the influenza virus. While you’re protecting your family, make sure you protect others, too. If you or your children have any flulike symptoms, stay home from work or school until the symptoms disappear and consult your health care professional.