4 mins read

Braces for a Child with Autism

How can my child with autism get braces? My son's dentist had been telling us for three years that my son might need braces. He suggested we take him to see an orthodontist. We finally went last fall. We asked around our autism community about orthodontists that work well with special needs kids. We got…

3 mins read

Questions to Ask at a First Pregnancy Appointment

When you make your first of many pregnancy checkup visits to your doctor, you will likely have much about which to inquire. To ensure that you know what you need to do to produce an infant who is as healthy as possible, you should pose an array of questions to these trained professionals. When writing down your list of first appointment queries, include an array of questions regarding both your health and the health of your budding baby.

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Cracked Heels & Feet

Dry, cracked skin on the feet and heels is a common problem for many women. Not only do cracked heels look bad in your new sexy, summer sandals, but that broken skin can become a health problem. In severe cases, the fissures in your heels and feet can start bleeding and may even become infected. For these reasons, it is important to care for the skin on your feet and heels just as carefully as you care for the rest of your body.