Shore Up Your Families’ Health For Fall Travel
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Shore Up Your Families’ Health For Fall Travel

This post is in partnership with Goodgut.

Fall is an absolutely ideal time for families to enjoy seasonal travel.  The American Automobile Association (AAA) indicates that Americans will be hitting the highways, and airways, in droves this autumn.  In many states, the changing scenery is spectacular —and often the weather isn’t too hot…or too cold.  Overall, it can be a great chance to enjoy post-summer travel deals and catch up with family and friends.

According to AAA stats, 62 percent of those who travel this fall will take to the road by car, and more than 1/3 will head to international destinations outside the U.S.  One way or the other, the period between Labor Day and the Thanksgiving holiday will see roughly one out of every four Americans pursuing the travel bug.  But for busy parents, the travel season provides additional challenges. Traveling with little ones can be tiring – and without question, it can limit healthy eating options and create a rushed atmosphere for moms and dads.

Given the many weeks of peak travel time ahead, we thought it was important to take a look at how the heavy travel season can take a toll on our bodies and overall health.  In particular, what impact does travel have on our immune and digestive systems?  While many of us don’t want to talk about tummy troubles, it’s a fact that more than 2/3 of Americans surveyed deal with a sensitive stomach or digestive tract issues.  For all the more reason, it’s no surprise that making a hectic trek across country – with family in tow – can wreck havoc on our bodies.

Scientists like Dr. Jochen Kumm, one of the principals behind Goodgut®, a new prebiotic designed to enhance good bacterial nourishment and fortify the eco-system in our “bellies,” point to the findings of a study from the MIT Committee to explain the “travel-tummy” connection.  That study showed the measurable impact that travel can take on our “microbiome” (the microorganisms in the human digestive tract that help us to digest food and keep our body working in top shape).  

It also demonstrated that within 48 hours of travel to foreign countries, our bodies often feel the effects.  But Kumm said that microbiome changes can happen for any type of travel – especially when sleep schedules, type of food, and travel stress comes into play.

But now moms can have something in their toolkit to safeguard against the unwanted effects of so-called Travel Tummy this fall season.  Goodgut® offers two signature brands – its Rescue and Boost products, both of which have been shown to be effective in strengthening the protective barrier between the gut and the rest of the body, and helping to balance the digestive tract.

Goodgut® ( is currently available nationally at select Walgreens, CVS, Meijer stores, and The Vitamin Shoppe – or online through   It works naturally and it’s safe.  Goodgut® has been proven to be effective at the highest standard of clinical science, having undergone a double-blind, peer-reviewed randomized clinical study.

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