How to Shrink Wrap a Gift Basket with Cellophane
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How to Shrink Wrap a Gift Basket with Cellophane

Shrink wrap and cellophane is the perfect final addition to a gift basket. Besides giving a polished finish, shrink wrap or cellophane holds items in place preventing slippage of carefully arranged gifts. Although shrink-wrap/cellophane bags comes in a variety of forms, the individual bags in small, medium and large are the cheapest and simplest to use. Available at your local craft store, shrink-wrap bags are the beginner’s dream. Be sure to pick up a few bags as shrink–wrapping quickly becomes addictive.

Things You’ll Need

Gift basket *
Shrink-wrap *
Rubber band *
Scotch tape *
Ribbon or bow *

Step 1

Arrange the items in basket so they are evenly distributed. Shrink-wrap is transparent, so be sure your items look goodall the way around and are secure in their position.

Step 2

Open the shrink-wrap/cellophane box and remove the cellophane bag. Carefully open up the bag and get a good idea of the size.

Step 3

Place the basket in center of bag with the cellophane seam sitting under the bottom of the basket. You do not want the seam to pull up in the heating process and mar the finished look, so always keep it low or underneath.

Step 4

Draw the bag together using your hands either an inch above the handle or 6 inches above the tallest item and secure with a rubber band or piece of tape.

Step 5

Arrange the shrink-wrap. Creases and awkward folds look worse after heating, so get the shrink-wrap as smooth and evenly gathered as possible.

Step 6

Heat shrink wrap using a hairdryer on a low heat or with a craft-heating tool. Start at the bottom of the basket and work your way evenly up the sides. You know you are finished when the cellophane is taut to the touch all over.

Step 7

Create a more secure closing by tying a bow or ribbon over the rubber band or tape and then sit back and enjoy your handiwork.

Tips and Warnings

You may want to trim down the shrink-wrap bag to better accommodate your basket.
Trying to remove the original fastening will end up getting messy, so always cover for that finished look.

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