Soccer Training Tools
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Soccer Training Tools

If your child plays year-long soccer or is trying to get better to make it at the higher level, these training tools from SKLZ are definitely a must-have.

Quickster Soccer Trainer – built to help soccer players improve passing, receiving and first touch for ground and in the air, this trainer truly is amazing. It’s a perfect way to practice trapping the ball, working on volleys and help with first and second touches. It’s like having a built in training partner and a great workout. It’s also portable and light.

Pro Training Agility Poles – these can be used on grass or turf and target speed, agility, balance and dribbling skills. You can use these in your backyard or bring them to the park. Using these will help increase foot speed and change of direction – skills needed on the field.  They also will get the heart-rate pumping and great for conditioning if done quickly.




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