Summer Fun For Your Family – Great Wolf Lodge
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Summer Fun For Your Family – Great Wolf Lodge

If you are looking for a fun getaway this summer then the Great Wolf Lodge is for you. And it’ll make you mother (and father) of the year in the eyes of your kids!

Great Wolf Lodge is an indoor water park – yay for no need for sunscreen! You can’t use the facility unless you stay the night (or two) so it’s not a day trip. The lodge is ginormous and gorgeous and they give you wolf ears upon check in (definite plus for the kids!). The rooms are comfy and clean but you won’t be in them for very long because the water park is open from 9am to 9pm and is over 105,000 square feet! There are areas for little kids and thrill rides for the bigger kids. When you want a break from the water activities they have story time, shows, and even a PJ party for the kids. There are other attractions for an added cost that include a 4-D thrill ride, MagiQuest, small bowling alley and more. There is even a Scoops Kid Spa where you can get mommy/daughter manicures. It’s adorable. The lodge has it’s own restaurants (and a Dunkin’ Donuts) so you never have to leave!

Definitely a must-visit!

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