How to Take Food Coloring Off Your Hands
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How to Take Food Coloring Off Your Hands

Food coloring is great for a number of entertaining projects. Turn that vanilla cake blue. Make that milk green. Every princess would love some pink bread for her sandwich. Make homemade modeling compound in a rainbow of colors. Unfortunately, it’s also great for staining your hands. Soon enough, your fun, rainy day activity has become a frustrating evening at the sink, removing the evidence of the day of fun. Make a simple scrub that will wipe that pesky coloring away.

Step 1
Rub your hands with some of your favorite hand lotion to help loosen the food coloring pigment from your skin.

Step 2
Pour 2 to 3 tbsp. salt into your bowl, depending on how much stain is on your hands.

Step 3
Pour vinegar into the bowl until you make a paste with the salt.

Step 4
Rinse your hands and scoop a bit of the salt paste with your fingers. Rub the salt onto the stain. Rinse and scoop more, rubbing the stain until it is gone. Wash your hands with soap and rinse.

And now that you know how to take food coloring off your hands, check out this awesome video on how to make Rubber Band Easter Eggs:

YouTube video

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