Typing Lessons for Teens
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Typing Lessons for Teens

With the pervasiveness of computers in everyday life, good typing skills can help teens with their school work or in their jobs. However, due to the schools cutting classes or maybe the teens’ course loads being packed with other academics, some teens are not able to take typing at school. Online typing lessons allow the teens to work at their own pace, without the stress of homework or tests. Whether your teens like animation and games or prefers a simpler look, there are typing lessons developed for teens of all ages.

BBC Dance Mat Typing

For younger teens, the BBC Dance Mat Typing (http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/typing/) offers lessons that introduce touch typing. It has four levels divided into three lessons each and introduced by animated critters–including a hip goat and a fat cat. This program needs a Flash plug-in; for computers that do not have Flash, there are alternate activities for the typist. In addition, the website provides worksheets that can be printed and used offline for further practice.

Peter’s Online Typing Tutor

For a basic typing tutor without a lot of extras, Peter’s Online Typing Tutor (http://www.typing-lessons.org/) provides lessons for beginners to advanced typists. It includes information on ergonomics. Unlike some free typing tutorial websites, Peter’s doesn’t require registration.

Power Typing

PowerTyping (http://www.powertyping.com/) provides typing lessons for either the Qwerty, which is the regular keyboard seen in the United States, or the alternative ANSI keyboard, the Dvorak. Interactive animation for both keyboards help typists learn proper hand positions. There are lessons for all levels of typists, and they include timed practice exercises. There are also several games that utilize learned typing skills.


Sense-lang (http://www.sense-lang.org/typing/) is a free Internet typing program. It teaches the basics of touch-typing and allows practice for various levels. It’s easy to understand, works for a wide variety of typing experience and even offers lessons in several languages. It teaches using the Qwerty or Dvorak keyboards in an online or downloadable version. If your teen prefers a simple basic typing tutor without a lot of animation, this may be a good choice.

Typing Web

For home-based learners, Typing Web (http://www.typingweb.com/) is a free program that, like Peter’s, doesn’t require registration. It offers instruction in multiple languages. It has colorful screen displays, allows typists to choose from a variety of “skins” and lets them compare two skins for ease of reading. With simple registration, schools can use Typing Web for free.

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