How to Use Ankle Weights During Pregnancy
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How to Use Ankle Weights During Pregnancy

Many women exercise throughout their pregnancy. If you are used to working out three or four days a week, you don’t have to stop just because you are expecting a child. Exercise provides an avenue for stress release, helps you stay fit and allows you to maintain the routine you followed before you got pregnant. Using ankle weights during pregnancy can give you a better workout as long as you stay attuned to your body and don’t overdo it.

Step 1

Check with your physician. You should not start an exercise program of any kind without first getting the go-ahead from your doctor. While most women are allowed to exercise throughout their pregnancies, some women will be advised not to, depending on their personal and family medical history. Asking the doctor about exercise can assure you that you are not doing anything that will risk your pregnancy.

Step 2

Warm up. Before beginning your ankle weight routine, warm up your limbs with a few stretching exercises. You can also walk around in a circle for a few moments to get your legs and ankles stretched and ready to go.

Step 3

Strap the ankle weights on. Be sure you don’t add more than 2 lbs to each ankle. You want to avoid overburdening your body with too much weight. Make sure the weights are secure before beginning the walk.

Step 4

Walk briskly for approximately 30 minutes. Remain aware of your body, and if you feel pain as you walk, slow down or stop altogether to avoid injuring yourself. Carrying a bottle of water with you will help you remain hydrated. As you walk, maintain a heel-to-toe footstep to maximize the value of the ankle weight.

Step 5

Lay the ankle weights on your thighs. Once you have completed the walking, you can use the ankle weights to help you with your lunges. Placing the ankle weights across your thigh on the outside will add resistance to your lunging routine.

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