3 Ways to Remove Ingrown Facial Hair
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3 Ways to Remove Ingrown Facial Hair

Ingrown facial hair can appear on both men and women. Ingrown hair appears thicker than normal facial hair and it can be curly or straight. Known in the medical world as pseudofolliculitis barbae, it grows not only above but also under the skin. It is can be a bit annoying to have ingrown facial hair, because regular shaving can work temporarily to cut the surface; however, the hair still grows underneath the skin.

Tweezer Method

Wash your face thoroughly using lukewarm water and mild facial soap. Pat your face dry with a clean face towel. Dip a cotton ball in alcohol and wipe the area of your facial skin with ingrown hair. Dip a second cotton ball in alcohol and then wipe the tips of the pair of tweezers with it. Then, use the tweezers to pull the ingrown hair. Make sure to hold the tweezers firmly with one hand and then press down your skin close to the ingrown hair. Pull the hair gently to avoid cutting the hair. Make sure you pull the hair with roots attached–this way, the ingrown hair will never grow back–or, if it does, it would take a long time to do so. This is a cheap method of ingrown hair removal; however, it can be a little painful, especially when removing deeper roots.

Hair Removal Creams

There are hair removal creams that you can buy. Known as depilatory creams, they can temporarily remove ingrown hair. Wipe clean the area of your face where there is ingrown hair, and then apply the cream on top of the affected area. Wait for a few minutes based on the instructions from the manufacturer. Then, get a piece of facial tissue or cotton ball and wipe off the cream. The cream penetrates the affected area, softens the hair and loosens the grip of the ingrown hair follicle, making it easier to remove. Wash your face thoroughly with lukewarm water and mild facial soap to remove dirt and the remaining cream. This method is painless, unlike using tweezers.

Hair-removal creams contain some harsh chemicals; therefore, it is necessary to read the warning label and test a small part of your skin to see if you will get any irritation or allergic reaction. Stop using if you develop a rash that lasts for several days.

Laser Hair Removal Method

A laser treatment is a more permanent type of hair removal method performed in a dermatology clinic. The process usually involves the use of laser-focused beams with the light concentration adjusted based on skin type. The beams penetrate the outer layers of the skin when the ingrown hair appears. It reaches down to the follicles inside, destroying them with the heat formed. This procedure disables the follicles, impeding their growth.

Of the three methods, the laser method is the most expensive, but the most effective in permanently removing ingrown hair.

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