What Can You Put in Nail Polish to Make it Less Thick?
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What Can You Put in Nail Polish to Make it Less Thick?

Whether you have an extensive nail polish collection or only a few go-to favorites that help you feel lovely and polished for an interview or night out, with time your nail polish will eventually begin to dry out and become thicker and more difficult to use. Rather than throw the bottle away, here are a few fail-safe ways to extend the life of your nail polish:

Quick Fix

If your polish is just slightly thickening, try running it under hot water for a few minutes with the cap tightly sealed and then gently rolling the bottle in between both hands. The heat from the water and from your hands will help to thin the polish back to its original consistency. Avoid shaking the bottle vigorously as this can cause tiny air bubbles in your polish.

Just Like A Pro

In a professional nail salon, manicurists use specialized nail polish thinner to liquefy polishes that have begun to thicken. Polish thinner can be easily purchased at your local beauty supply store or online and will rejuvenate your polish quickly. It’s best to start with one drop into your nail polish bottle. Gently shake the bottle to mix the polish thinner in and then test it out on one nail. If the polish is still too thick, add another drop and repeat until you achieve the desired consistency. Investing in a polish thinner will extend the life of your nail polish collection without harming your polishes!

A Last Resort

If you don’t have a polish thinner or are in a real pinch, you can also use an acetone nail polish remover to thin your polish. Acetone polish remover can be found at any local drugstore or pharmacy. Add it to your nail polish one drop at a time and shake gently to mix just as you would a polish thinner. However, be aware that acetone will shorten the life of your nail polish and can cause the color to separate, so reserve this tip for when you are at the very end of the bottle or plan to throw it out soon!

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