What Happens When You Mix Lemon Juice With Baking Soda?
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What Happens When You Mix Lemon Juice With Baking Soda?

What happens when you mix lemon juice with baking soda? Baking soda is basic, and lemon juice is acidic. When you mix lemon juice with baking soda together, they not only balance each other out, but they also produce a potent mixture that has all kinds of household and personal care uses.

Bake Tasty Treats
When you mix baking soda with an acid, it produces carbon dioxide, which causes baked goods to rise. Unfortunately, heating baking soda can also leave your food with an unpleasant taste. Fortunately, the lemon juice will neutralize this effect. Because using the correct proportion of both baking soda and lemon juice is critical, it is best to follow a recipe when cooking with these ingredients.

Remove Stains
If your plastic containers have become stained from the foods that you store in them, baking soda and lemon can remove those spots. Squirt a few drops of juice onto the stains. Cover it with baking soda and scrub the soda over the surface of the container. Rinse it off right away or, let the mixture sit overnight for stubborn stains.

Scrub Your Sink
A grungy, stained sink will benefit from cleaning with baking soda and lemon juice. First, scrub the stains with a generous amount of baking soda and a slightly damp sponge. Because baking soda is mildly abrasive, it will help remove dirt from the surface of the sink. After you are finished scrubbing, go over the whole sink with sliced lemons. The bumpy skin of the lemon will help lift dirt and grime, and the juice from the inside will help bleach stains. Lemon juice is particularly useful on rust stains.

Treat Your Scalp
When you mix lemon juice with baking soda, you can treat dandruff and improve the look of your hair. Form a paste by combining baking soda and lemon juice. Rub it into your scalp for two minutes and leave it in place for another five. Rinse it out, and it will take dandruff, dirt, and oil with it. Use this treatment on your scalp a few days a week.

Whiten Your Teeth
The same paste that you use on your scalp also works on your teeth. Add lemon juice to baking soda until it mixes to the consistency of a thick paste. Dry your teeth off with a paper towel. Next, use a toothbrush to apply the paste to your teeth and leave it there for one minute. Rinse it out after a minute since you do not want to expose your teeth to the lemon’s acid for too long. This process can help whiten your teeth because the abrasive baking soda scrubs away stains, and the lemon juice has bleaching properties.

Make a Mask
Acne-prone skin can benefit from baking soda and lemon juice too. Two tablespoons of baking soda stirred with one teaspoon of lemon juice produce enough mask to cover your face and neck. Spread the mask over your skin and leave it on for five to thirty minutes. Some tingling is normal. When you are ready to remove the mask, use wet hands to scrub. The scrubbing action will provide exfoliation for your skin thanks to the baking soda in the mixture.

What Happens When You Mix Lemon Juice With Baking Soda?