What Will Draw Smells Out of a Closet?
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What Will Draw Smells Out of a Closet?

What will draw smells out of a closet?

Closed closets can be hosting a variety of strange, musty smells when you finally open the doors. This is especially true in a room belonging to a child. Remind the family that dirty clothing should be tossed into the laundry bin instead of being shoved into the closet. Cleaning the closet, airing out the clothes and removing shoes with offensive odors can go a long way towards removing the odors.

Masking Odors
You might not always have the time to try out our great tips and tricks below. In that case you will have to mask the odors. Usually, dryer sheets hidden in the closet can mask any unpleasant odors for the short term. You might use a cotton ball soaked in a little vanilla, or use a bit of potpourri in the closet until you can get in there to clean.

While vinegar doesn’t have the best smell on its own, it can soak up and neutralize weird odors in the closet. Fill a cup or bowl with white vinegar. If you have apple cider on hand, that will work too. Leave it on the floor of the closet overnight. Remove it in the morning and allow the closet doors to stand open for a few hours. The smell should be gone.

Coffee Grounds
A great way to rid yourself of unpleasant odors in a closed space like a closet is to use fresh, unbrewed coffee in a bowl on the closet floor. Leave a bowl of grounds on the floor overnight. This works great for smoky clothes that have left a lingering odor. The coffee grounds will absorb the odor, but they can’t be left in the closet indefinitely.

Baking Soda
This is one of the most well-known methods for removing offending odors in small spaces. You likely have some baking soda in your refrigerator since it works so well in getting rid of smells. The box of baking soda should be placed on a shelf in the closet because it works best when air is circulating around it. You might even want to sprinkle some on the carpet or inside offending shoes to remove the smells. Leave the baking soda in the carpet for a bit before vacuuming. This method can be used long-term. Change the baking soda box every few months.

Activated Charcoal
While this is one of the most expensive methods on this list, it’s also the most effective. Activated charcoal is made from regular charcoal, which is highly porous and is used for a variety of ways to remove odors as well as contaminants. Charcoal is used in filters and air masks because it’s so porous. It needs air flowing through it to work properly, so try to add it in a way that allows for air movement. You can purchase activated charcoal from your local pet store.

Vacuum, declutter and dust regularly to ensure that the closet isn’t filled with items that will result in or contribute to the odors.

Need some more help getting that closet in check? Check out the video below:

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