When Is a Child Too Big for a Toddler Bed?
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When Is a Child Too Big for a Toddler Bed?

When Is a Child Too Big for a Toddler Bed?

The toddler bed is special to kids and parents alike. As a mom, the idea of retiring the old toddler bed or passing it along to someone else probably isn’t on the top of your to-do list. After all, we love our kids and want to keep them little as long as we can. The toddler bed is one of the last things we have that holds our children in the “toddler” category. Despite how strong an attachment you and your child may have developed for the toddler bed, there comes a time when you simply have to tell it goodbye and move forward with something else. To help you decide when is a child too big for a toddler bed and is it the right time to upgrade into a regular size bed, we’ve put together a list of tell-tale signs.

#1. Your Little Guy Needs More Room.
While toddler bed mattresses are usually about 52 inches long, they are not very wide. The width of these mattresses, which is the same as an average crib mattress, is only 28 inches. If you leave your growing child in the toddler bed when they’re too big for it, they’re likely to roll out in their sleep – which is not a pleasant event for the child or the parents! Watch to see if your child can comfortably stretch out in the toddler bed; if not, it’s time to invest in something bigger.

#2. Pay Attention to Weight Limits.
Toddlers aren’t very big; however, growing kids can put on weight quickly. Most toddler beds are designed to hold no more than 50-pounds. If your little boy or girl is going through a growth spurt and is putting on significant weight, it maybe time to purchase a bigger bed before the toddler bed collapses.

#3. Your Child is Starting School.
Toddler beds are not designed to be used on school-age children. While you might not want to kick out the favorite toddler bed the day that your kid begins Kindergarten, starting school is a sure sign that it’s time to change into a bigger bed.

#4. Your Child Wants Something New.
In some cases, kids are ready to leave behind what they perceive as being “baby-ish” and move on to big kid stuff. If your little boy or girl talks about wanting a new bed, it’s probably time.

Tips for Making the Change
If it’s time to switch your child over to a larger bed, you can help ease them into the process by making it an exciting experience. Let your little boy or girl help you pick out the bed and make choices on the sheets, bedspread, and pillows. Remember that your child is no longer a baby; if they want to do themes like dinosaurs or Frozen, let them enjoy their independence. If your child is reluctant to get rid of their old bed, have a “new bed” party complete with some healthy snacks and games.

Safety First
Don’t forget that a bigger bed also presents new risks such as a farther distance to fall if they roll out in the night. You can observe safety first by implementing side rails and avoiding the top bunk until the child is at least six-years-old.

Getting rid of the toddler bed can be a difficult time for kids and parents alike. Don’t let yourself get sad by the reality that your child is growing up; instead, pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself for getting this far. You’re doing good, Mom!

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