Why Giving, Along Side of Getting, Is The NEW Way To CELEBRATE
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Why Giving, Along Side of Getting, Is The NEW Way To CELEBRATE

It seems that things have changed as far as celebrations are concerned. No longer are many of us comfortable with all of the trappings of the birthday party of our youth. Of course, some parts of the formula remain in tact: friends, family, games, decorations and, of course, cake. However, the gifting part seems to have room for improvement. And, with our pint-sized people demonstrating in countless ways how capable they are, why not encourage them to do something extra special at the time of their birthday?

Doing away with gifts is not the answer. There is room, though, for giving more meaningful, lasting, treasured gifts that a child really, really wants or needs.

Choose quality over quantity

How do kids feel about giving up a mountain of gifts for one, two or three really special ones? In a word: T.H.R.I.L.L.E.D.

Sure, opening up 20 presents is fun (for 10 minutes), but getting your dream gifts, especially from all of your friends, is a lasting experience.   Imagine receiving your first camera, bicycle, aquarium or dance lessons. Memorable, indeed.

Should giving be a part of a birthday celebration? No words can really describe the true joy that a child feels inside from helping others in need. The overwhelming proof is seen through the eyes of the ECHOage Heroes who chose to give back at the time of their birthday. See for yourself the priceless, powerful and compassionate reasons that these children chose to give back.

Meet Gabriel who has raised over $315 for Reading is Fundamental. “I chose Reading is Fundamental because I want people to be very smart, and reading is important for learning. I want other kids to get smarter and smarter by being able to read and figure things out.

Ben is another Hero who chose to support the Jimmy Miller Foundation, Why this charity is important to him? “Because I want people to like surf when they have disabilities. I want them to have fun, not only us to have fun.

Go ahead – celebrate! Have the same great party. Have a dance party. Play hockey. Slumber under the stars. Picnic with pals in the park. Just consider making your celebration a bit more meaningful and memorable.

About ECHOage.com

Founded in 2008, ECHOage is a first-of-its kind online gifting AND charity giving platform.   ECHOage gives party hosts and guests the ability to do less, give better gifts, all with a charitable twist. The premise is simple.  The celebration remains the same but the online giving allows guest to easily contribute toward a charity that the host has selected and toward the gifts that they truly want or need. No more second guessing (or ribbons) required.

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