Working at Home Must-Haves
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Working at Home Must-Haves

So many more of us are working at home these days – which definitely is fabulous (although not without its challenges). We have some must-haves that will make a huge difference in your day.

Comfortable Chair


If you are sitting at your desk for long periods of time, then comfort is a must. You definitely need to invest in a high quality chair. We love the Zody Task chair  – this is an investment that you won’t be sorry about. The Zody is the only office chair to be endorsed by the American Physical Therapy Association, it includes multiple adjustable features for comfort and support (it has amazing lumbar support), and is extremely durable.  The chair is easy to adjust for those of us who are vertically challenged.

Also amazingly enough, this chair is also super sleek and attractive. You definitely don’t have to forgo style for comfort. This has both. Our favorite part is that’s it’s eco friendly – 51% of the chair is made from recycled content and the chair is actually 95% recyclable!

Your only problem with this chair is that everyone in the house is going to want to steal it! Trust me, it’s happened already.

Post-it Notes
We love Post-it Notes (who doesn’t) and use them constantly for notes and reminders on my desk. They have a new must-have product that’s perfect for your at-home office. It’s a Dry Erase Surface– you can cut it to size so it can fit in a small space and has an adhesive backing that sticks to desks, tables, walls, etc. It’s a perfect tool for visual thinkers who don’t want to hang a big whiteboard in their home. Love it.

Healthy Snacks

Even those of us with the best will power need to snack during the day. And having the kitchen in your ‘office’ makes snacking a bit too easy. So make sure you have healthy items in your arsenal. When you are in the mood for salty, grab Food Should Taste Good brand tortilla chips. They are wholesome, made with non-GMO ingredients and seriously addicting. My favorite is the Multigrain, but the Guacamole chips are a close second. These are good on there own, or dipped in salsa or hummus. Just make sure you don’t have the whole bag on your desk because they won’t last long.

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