It is Not a Voice, It’s a Feeling


I bought some beautiful flowering plants to brighten our home and add cheer . My son was drawn to the deep purple plant and claimed it as his own. Young children go through a stage of naming things as mine or yours. Although it is an important part of maturing, it is equally important to grow out of this tendency to claim as an adult. When we don’t we suffer.

Big Brother went over to the plant to “give it love.” He spoke kind words to the flowers and asked me, “Why doesn’t it (the flowers) say anything?” I replied, “You can’t hear what the plant says, you have to feel it.” He stood there gazing lovingly at the gorgeous plant for a few moments, his eyes sparkling, and then returned to his lunch.

Later it occurred to me that the words I spoke to my son about the plant were also a great metaphor for God. You have to feel what God has to say.


Stop. Be still. And simply feel.



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