Life is Not a Race



It is not a race about how much you can do. It is about living a life that is fulfilling to you. Only you can define that.

This is a line I wrote down in my journal a month or 2 ago. I think I was feeling overwhelmed because there was a huge list of things I wanted to accomplish. Part of the list was on paper, and the other part in my mind. The funny thing about the mind is it can keep generating longer and longer lists. When you let that happen you lose sight of now, you can lose sight of living a life that is fulfilling today.

Often I need to quiet my mind. At times it feels like an idea generating factory in there. The feeling of there being so much I want to do, so much I want to accomplish can take away from my life if I let it. When it comes down to it I think being motivated, hard working, and having large goals is a great thing, if and only if it doesn’t take away from living today.

None of us ever know if there is going to be a tomorrow, so if we waste today getting too hung up on accomplishment than what is the point? Being in touch with and maintaining the peace within you is crucial. Would you want your last day to be one of stress about how much you want to get done, or how much you tell yourself you need to get done? The truth of the matter is we often fill our lives and our minds with a lot more than needs. Our needs are much simpler than we make them out to be.

Life is not a race, so if your inside starts to feel that way it is a great time to evaluate and focus on what is really important. Take a minute to jot it down on your computer or with a pen. Close your eyes for a few minutes more and focus on that love. You’ll know in your heart life isn’t a race; it is about living a fulfilled life every day, every moment of the way. Remind yourself if you make life out to be a race, you’re aiming to be the first one to reach the end. Enjoy now! If you need to take some time away from work to play, read, meditate, and enjoy than do it! If there isn’t a tomorrow you will know that today was fulfilled.

What makes you really, truly happy?




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