How Much Do Moms Love Their Smartphones?


Did you know that one in every three moms in the U.S. owns a smartphone?

Maybe this shouldn’t come as a surprise. We live in an era of tech savvy mamas – ladies who make up a large portion of digital consumption across all channels, including e-commerce and mobile use.

After all, women account for 85% of all consumer purchases and if you want to buy something, it’s a lot easier to read the reviews of other customers and make purchases online. 

You don’t have get all the kids in the car and navigate crowded stores; it’s win-win, they can run around the house in their super hero costumes, and you can stock up on school supplies and get all the Christmas shopping done early.

But this isn’t a quick fifteen minute digital splurge.  According to a new report from Mojiva, the average Digital Mom is online via smart phone approximately 6.1 hours every day.  Smart phones give us the ability to use shopping apps; actually, 62% of moms are using shopping apps and 46% took action after they saw a mobile ad. 

With 85 million moms in the United States (according to the latest U.S. Census), and the number of connected moms continues to grow as does their usage. 

How often do you use your smartphone or mobile device?



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