10 Easy Ways to Make Your Guy Feel Good

My female clients sometimes ask me what they can do to make their partner feel really cherished, like the man that he really wants to be. I always tell them that you should take time to really thank your guy – for being a great dad, for being a great partner, for being a great lover . . . or for just being there for you when you need him. Little gestures go a long way. Big gestures go even further. When you go out of your way to make your partner feel special, you are creating memories that will last the rest of your life.

What kinds of acts of love can you do that will really show him how much you appreciate him? What are those things that he will truly enjoy and treasure? Here are 10 suggestions to get you started:

1. Well, my number one thing always is take him to a baseball game. Buy some tickets to a local baseball game, whether it’s minor league or major league. What happens when you do this is that you create a fun day that you can share with him. Get some hot dogs, grab a beer, wear the cute hat with his favorite team’s logo that he bought you one time, cheer like a maniac and have fun!

2. Buy some really sexy lingerie and surprise him one night by wearing it. Now, don’t just do the typical, “I’m a woman getting dressed up and looking pretty” thing. Really spend some time preparing for the evening. You could put him in a bubble bath, pamper him with his favorite sweet treats, or surprise him with a foot massage. Give him a full-body rubdown with some sensual massage oils while you’re wearing the lingerie so that he can fantasize about how he will get to rip it off of you.

3. Surprise him with a fantastic lunchbox filled with his favorite treats, and have it delivered to his office with a little note that says, “Thinking of you. Can’t wait to see you when you get home.”

4. Create a special treasure hunt for your guy. Take him somewhere that he doesn’t expect. Or leave him little notes throughout the day via email or text message telling him to meet you somewhere. When he finally gets to the ultimate destination, he will find you there dressed in an absolutely beautiful and sexy outfit. You can then have drinks at some incredible restaurant overlooking a cliff, or whatever it might be. Let him enjoy the atmosphere . . . and you.

5. Send him a nice email or text message in the middle of the day just to tell him that you love him or that you were thinking of him. That’s it . . . just sending a simple little reminder of this will make him feel great.

6. Thank him for something that he’s done or pay him a compliment. As you probably already know about us men, we are always looking for approval and praise. So no matter how small or routine it might seem – whether he’s cleaned up a little more than usual or he’s wearing something that looks great – thank him or compliment him. A random affirmation will make him feel amazing.

7. Take him shopping and then surprise him with a present. Buy him something that looks great on him. Maybe your man is somebody who is very generous to you at all times. It would be really nice to surprise him one time. So what you might do while you’re out shopping together for the kids, tell him “Let’s get YOU something today.” Pamper him a little. Remember that men like to be spoiled, too.

8. Cook him a fantastic dinner but make it special, like a dinner with a theme. For instance, if your man loves Italian food, you might put on some Italian music, get dressed up in a little chef’s costume and make him feel like you’re together in Italy that night. Then at the end of the meal, post a little kitchen sign that says, “Devour me,” and make yourself the dessert.

9. Do something he really likes to do. As with the baseball game, spend a day doing something he likes to do. For example, if he likes to go to Home Depot, then go to Home Depot with him and let him buy whatever he wants. If he loves to go hiking, spend the day charging up the trail with him. If you spend a day doing all things that he enjoys, you know he’s going to return the favor for you.

10. Leave him alone. Now, I don’t mean that exactly the way it sounds. What I mean is just let him have a day to himself to do whatever he wants. Take the kids and leave the house for a day. Let him invite “the boys” over for the night to play poker. Let him go on a “boys date” – a night out to hang out with the guys. Let him have a blast with other men. To really make this a special day for him, make sure you don’t check in with him – don’t call him during the course of the day, don’t give him updates about the kids’ soccer games, and don’t text him to see if he’s having a good time. Just leave him alone. At the very end of the day, though, text him or email him this note: “I’ve been thinking about you all day. I hope you had a wonderful time.” That’s it. It will show him that you’re still the cool woman that he first fell in love with.

These 10 tips will not only make your man feel cherished, but doing them will actually add some spice into your love life! If you would like more suggestions like these, you can always email me at david@davidwygant.com. I’ll be happy to give you some more great ideas.

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