How to Get Pregnant Easily


It is an exciting time in your life when you are trying to become pregnant. Although it can be relatively easy to become pregnant if you or your partner do not have any underlying health or fertility issues, don’t become discouraged if it takes you a few months to become pregnant. Even healthy couples may have to give it a few tries before they become pregnant. The Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research points out that women who have irregular cycles have more difficulty timing ovulation accurately. This makes it harder to guess your most fertile days.

Step 1

Live a healthy lifestyle before you become pregnant. It’s much easier to become pregnant if you make healthy choices from the start. Eat a diet packed full of nutrients and do not drink, smoke or take any medications unless prescribed by your physician.

Step 2

Stop taking birth control pills a few months before you try to become pregnant. Your cycle should return to normal within a month or two. Hormones should also regulate within a short time after having an IUD removed. If you received progesterone injections as birth control, it could take up to a year to become pregnant, although many women can become pregnant within three to six months after stopping the shots.

Step 3

Begin tracking your menstrual cycle a few months before you try to become pregnant. Keep a calendar handy so that you can mark the first day of your period each month and the number of days your period lasts. Ovulation generally occurs around the 14th day if the length of your periods averages about 28 days.

Step 4

Use an ovulation predictor test for a more accurate estimate of when you ovulate. These tests can be a helpful aid if you want to become pregnant faster and feel like you are not having intercourse on your most fertile days. Follow the instructions on the testing kit so that you know how soon in your cycle to start testing. Most tests are designed to give you a positive reading about 24 to 48 hours before ovulation. Have intercourse at least once during that time period.

Step 5

Keep your hips higher than your head when having sexual intercourse. The missionary position with the male on top is one of the most effective positions used by couples who want to become pregnant. Deeper penetration deposits sperm closer to the cervix.

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