List of Hair Growth Products for Black Women


You may be losing your hair due to a medical situation or tight hairstyles, according to the “Essence Magazine” website. For a black woman, losing hair can be especially stressful as hair is considered a “crowning glory” in African American culture. While some cases of hair loss may need medical intervention, several hair growth products might help, whether you want to grow more hair or regain the mane you once so prized.

Elon Matrix 5000

Elon Matrix 5000 is a powerful hair-growth vitamin that works well for many black women, according to the “Essence Magazine” website. If you choose this supplement that includes three natural hair enhancers and does not require a doctor’s prescription, you should take one per day. The Amazon product description notes that Elon Matrix 5000 comes with 60 capsules. As of 2010, this two-month supply usually cost about $24, plus shipping and handling charges. This supplement not only facilitates hair growth, but it also may help improve the condition and growth of brittle nails.


Rogaine, a remedy available over-the-counter (OTC), is the only Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved hair growth product for women, according to “Essence Magazine.” However, it can lead to the side effect of scalp irritation and is best used for ladies experiencing pattern hair loss. As of 2010, Rogaine for women cost about $55, plus shipping and handling, according to the manufacturer’s website. One box contains a four-month supply. “Essence Magazine” warns that failure to use the product twice daily will cause your mane to reduce itself to its pre-treatment state.

African Wonders

African Wonders offers several products designed to repair black women’s damaged hair and also facilitate growth, according to the manufacturer’s website. Ingredients included in these hair growth products range from jojoba and cactus to Indian hemp and humectants. Moms hoping to grow more hair can choose from a number of products, such as shampoo, two types of conditioner, leave-in conditioner, holding spray and heat protectant and setting lotion. As of 2010, most African Wonders hair growth products cost about $5, plus shipping and handling charges.

Profolla Silk

Profolla Silk is a hair growth shampoo specifically designed for African American hair, according to the Black Hair Growth Products website. The shampoo contains only natural ingredients designed to nourish hair and also help keep those unwanted tangles away. Also, Profolla Silk contains emu oil and works to deep clean hair as well as improve any mane dryness. As of 2010, Profolla Silk cost about $15, not including shipping and handling fees.

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