Sex Gift Ideas for Your Husband


Whether it is a birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day coming up, getting a sexy gift for your man can be a gift for you as well. Improving your sex life will improve your intimacy outside the bedroom as well. Sex gifts can be intimidating for the novice, so choose a gift that fits with your comfort level.


Lingerie isn’t only for skinny women. In fact, wearing something sexy that covers up the areas that make you self-conscious could make you feel sexier. A teddy or simply a garter belt with stockings could rev up his engine. To make it even sexier, wear it rather than putting it in a box–the clothes you wear over the lingerie are the wrapping paper.

Sex Games

Novelty sex games can be a good way to increase the creativity you have in the bedroom by giving you new ideas for things to do. A sex game might feature different positions to try or may have you proceed from doing fairly tame things, like kissing, to other things you never thought to try.

Sex Enhancers

Lotions and creams can also make for a sexy gift. For example, you could give a massage oil in his favorite scent, which hints at the possibility of a massage leading into sex. You can also find creams that are supposed to increase sexual pleasure when you apply them to the penis before sex.

Strip Tease

Your sexy gift to your husband doesn’t have to be something physical at all. It could be less tangible, but enticing, like a strip tease. Lock the bedroom door and turn on some sexy music and give him his own private lap dance. If you are a bit shy, practice ahead of time first. You can learn how to give a strip tease through a video or class.

Fantasy Fulfillment

Your guy probably has some fantasies that he hasn’t yet fulfilled. While you may not be comfortable with all of them, you can probably find one or two that floats your boat, too. Encourage him to talk about his fantasies and ensure him that you won’t recoil in horror if he says one that you don’t like. Take one that you’re comfortable with and help him act it out. Common fantasies might include role play, light domination and sex in new places.

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