Natural Ways to Last Longer During Sex


Women can usually last quite a while during sexual intercourse, but even young and healthy men sometimes struggle with ways to make sex last longer, according to both the Mayo Clinic and the Ask Men website. Whether the problem is due to a physical stamina issue or a more serious issue, such as erectile dysfunction, you often don’t need to secure prescription pills to try to make sex last longer.

Change Positions

One of the most natural ways to make sex last longer for both of you is changing positions, according to the Ask Men website. You can ease on top of him and literally ride like a cowgirl, if you hope to make intercourse last longer. Another position credited with increasing sexual stamina is literally sitting inside of each other; you cross your legs and so does your partner but–like the cowgirl position–you’re on top, controlling the tempo.

Practice Coitus Interruptus

“Coitus interruptus” can help reduce premature ejaculation in men, so consider asking your partner to give it a try, advises the Ask Men website. Have him withdraw his penis during intercourse and then re-enter the usual missionary position. If you want to give it some extra spice, be sure to try your own acrobatic moves, such as lifting your legs or even your entire body if you feel up to it.

Squeeze Technique

The squeeze technique can foster intimacy, halt premature ejaculation problems and potentially make sex last longer for both partners, according to the Mayo Clinic. You and your man can engage in foreplay and other courses on the menu as usual. Once he feels the urge to ejaculate, you then squeeze the end of his penis near the glans and the shaft until he doesn’t feel like ejaculating. Release the squeeze, wait about 30 seconds or so, and then resume sexual activity, such as foreplay. Keep up the squeeze technique as long as you both are physically able to. The Mayo Clinic notes that sometimes just a few runs of the squeeze technique can make men last longer in bed and thus eliminate the need to practice this sexual exercise continually.


Yoga classes or using videotaped workouts can help enhance your sexual energy and even reduce the incidence of medical challenges, such as premature ejaculation, according to the Mayo Clinic. Plus, regular exercise and relaxation reduce the incidence of sexual problems in both genders and can make you both last so much longer once you retire to the bedroom.

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