Methods to Last Longer During Sex
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Methods to Last Longer During Sex

“Quickies” are an exciting, spontaneous way to enjoy sex with your spouse, but sometimes, couples crave long, passionate nights filled with lovemaking. Steam up the bedroom with your husband, and make it a night to remember, by trying proven methods to make him last longer during sex. These simple techniques can enhance your sexual experience–and the extra calories you burn won’t hurt either.

Don’t Beat the Buzzer

Learning to last longer during sex takes practice. Relax, it doesn’t mean your guy needs you around for each practice session. During masturbation, ask him to set up a timer or stopwatch so he can get used to controlling his orgasms and lasting longer. Ask him not to orgasm until after the timer stops. Although Men’s Health, an online guide for men, suggests setting a timer for 15 minutes, start small; encourage your guy to start with a time frame he’s comfortable with and build his way up. Once he learns to gain control over his orgasms, he can apply this technique in the bedroom without a timer.

Get in Position

The positions you engage in during sex may affect how long your partner lasts during sex. Take control and get on top to help your spouse last longer, or get traditional with the missionary position. For a position with a bit more spice, AskMen suggests that you lie down in bed and have your guy penetrate you while you’re lying with your back against his chest.

Seduce Him With Sound

As he touches various parts of your body, use sound to express how good it feels. Moan when he touches you in your favorite places. Web MD says that “love moans” can help relax both you and your partner and often contribute to helping men last longer during sex.

Slow Down and Take Deep Breaths

It’s easy for you and your spouse to get excited in the heat of the moment, but your excitement may lead to early ejaculation for him. Take it slow and enjoy the moment. Encourage your husband to take long, gentle strokes during sex and practice relaxed breathing techniques.

The Big Squeeze

Have sex with your partner in the position the two of you most enjoy. The Mayo Clinic offers a technique you can use when your spouse feels as if he’s about to ejaculate. Have him give you a sign when he thinks it’s almost time, and then use your hand to squeeze his penis in the area where the head and shaft meet. Stay in this “squeeze” position until your spouse no longer feels like he’s about to ejaculate. Then, resume sex.

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