How to Lead and Inspire the Best in People


If you want the best from someone, see the good in them. It is the same whether you are talking about children, a spouse, family, friends, co-workers or acquaintances. The way to lead and inspire the best in people is to see the good in them, to see their great potential. When you see that in others you awaken that light in them. The good in them will be attracted to the good you see in them.

Too often, we fall into the trap of focusing on faults, but that is not who we are. Behind the exterior we are all whole, we all have great potential! Set your sight on the potential in yourself and others and you will create more greatness.

When you point out faults, and focus on faults you create more of them. You create more frustration within yourself and other people. Even though that is not your intention, it is the truth of what you are constructing.

To be a great leader requires seeing the good in others. See their wholeness, and inspire the best in them. Do this no matter what they do. Bring light into the situation and you will experience what love is really all about.

Spend your days lighting up the world, and illuminating the greatness in people. Focusing on darkness does not magically create light. Focusing on faults does not create good in others, or bring them to their best. To do this you must start with yourself. Set your heart and mind on the center of all goodness within you. Bring that out in yourself and in your glorious brightness you will enlighten others.

?Special thank you to my daughter who sat on my lap giving me periodic kisses while writing. Her light is an incredible energy in my life ?



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