Arts & Crafts for Kids for Mother’s Day


Since 1914, Americans have been celebrating Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May. On this day, individuals across the country take time to honor their mothers, stepmothers, grandmothers and other women who have played a motherly role in their lives. One way children can honor the mother figures in their lives is to present them with a special Mother’s Day gift. While a variety of gifts can be purchased, handmade gifts tend to be the most treasured.

Painted Flower Pot

For moms who love flowers, a hand-painted flower pot may be a treasured Mother’s Day gift. If you have older children, they can use a clay pot, but for younger children, a plastic foam cup may be a better choice. Preschool children’s little hands may be better able to manage holding and painting the cup, plus it’s not breakable. Use nontoxic paint to decorate the flower pot. Glue embellishments such as glitter, buttons or foam cutouts to the pots. Plant real flowers in the pot or use floral foam to hold artificial flowers. Buy artificial flowers or have children make their own flowers using pipe cleaners and tissue paper or paper cutouts glued to Popsicle sticks.


Most moms would treasure a handmade necklace from their child. You can make Mother’s Day necklaces from simple household items or made from more elaborate ones busing jewelry making supplies. If your children are toddler or preschool age, paint pasta and thread it on yarn or string to make a Mother’s Day necklace. Tubular pastas such as penne, rigatoni and rotelle, which is shaped like a wagon wheel,work well. If you have elementary school age children, thread plastic or wooden beads on yarn or string to make a necklace. Older children and young adults can string smaller, fancier beads on nylon string.


Photos carry memories and a scrapbook carries a collection of memories. Honor a motherly figure by presenting her with a book of memories you’ve shared together. With young children, use a nontoxic glue stick and help them adhere photos to pieces of construction paper. Have older children take the craft a bit further by adding embellishments such as stickers and glitter to the pages. They can write short captions at the bottom of each page. Staple the book in the corner to complete its assembly. With older children, use a scrapbook making kit or scrapbook making supplies. Preteens and teenagers who are computer or Internet savvy can create a digital scrapbook.



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