Let’s Craft: Dreamy Dulce de Leche


This craft comes from Jill Alexander, a busy mom of two (one in high school, one in diapers!) that loves to make beautiful things that are easy on the pocketbook!

“I found this recipe on the Internet and I just had to try it. I sort of didn’t believe it, but now that I’ve made two batches of this dreamy cream and it is TO DIE FOR.

You can use this to drizzle over pie, stir a heaping spoonful into your morning coffee (yum!) or just dip into fresh sliced apples, over ice cream…ways to use this stuff are endless!

It tastes so much richer than plain caramel, it’s just amazing.”

Here’s how you do it:


Cans of sweetened condensed milk (I used La Lechera from Nestle)

A slow cooker

Ribbon, burlap, twine, tags to adorn the can


Peel labels off the cans of condensed milk.

Place cans in slow cooker:

Pour water on top of cans, completely covering cans with water. Make sure to add water throughout the cycle so that the cans are always COVERED with water. (I read a lot of ‘blowing up’ and ‘exploding’ things can happen if they are not covered, so please make sure, let’s not let anyone find out if someone will need a new ceiling this Christmas!)

4) Cover cooker and put on high, leave for 6 hours.

CAREFULLY take out cans and place on a cookie sheet covered with a towel so they don’t slide. They ARE REALLY HOT! Let cool for many hours. (I take mine straight to the garage and out of reach of children!)

Once they are cool, adorn them with ribbon, twine, tags, etc.

I use plastic clear gift bags to place them in to make them extra special.

I also print a short description and make my own label with tea stained tags. Be creative!

These cans are so sweet to look at, but what is inside is amazing!

Make great hostess and teacher gifts, or leave at the door as your guests leave your dinner party. I love pairing them with seasonal mini crab apples as a beautiful display.

Planning to try this at home? We’d love to see how it turns out!



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