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How to Make Your Own Natural Body Scrub

Let’s Craftis a special feature full of great crafts, inspiration and DIY projects that are perfect for any Modern Mom! This project comes from crafty mom Jill Alexander: “There are plenty of beauty stores where moms can buy exfoliating body scrubs, but we think that homemade is far superior. This delectable smelling body scrub is all natural and made with ingredients that you probably have on hand in the house. There are no chemicals you can’t pronounce in here!

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DIY Candy Holders

Scarves! Thermals! Soup! Boots! Yay for FALL! My absolute favorite time of year. The holiday season starts in October, and to help celebrate, I crafted this really cool candy centerpiece! (I recommend showing it off at a grown-up party since its glass and a tad high reaching – although it could be ok for kids…with parental guidance.) Here’s what I did: I gathered my glass parts from the good ‘ol Dollar Store. I collected small glass vases with wider rims. I grabbed a few glass bowls, small candle sticks and tall, thin tea light holders.

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Caltrate’s “ABCDs of Bone Health”

The following is a sponsored post for Caltrate Hello! My name is Jill Alexander and I am 38 years old with two boys, one in pre-school and one in high school! I work as a personal assistant and also part-time for a non-profit. My life is busy… to say the least! If you are a mom, I know you can relate to taking care of others’ needs before your own – that’s what we do as moms!