The Perfect On-The-Go Bag
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The Perfect On-The-Go Bag

The following post is sponsored by Rosetti

So many things to do, can you believe summer is over!!?? Well, let’s wrap things up, moms. What’s on your list?

  • School shopping
  • Registration
  • Brown bag lunch shopping
  • School calendar of events to organize


There’s a much longer list, those are just to name a few. But wherever you are, and regardless what’s on your list, it will all get done. Just breathe. Take a moment, some things can wait.

Still, of course after that glass of wine and breathing exercises, back to the hustle and bustle you go!

One thing that was at the top of my back-to-school list was buying some new threads for my son. And while I was at it, I wanted to get myself a little something as well… a new bag! My beat-up old purse was falling apart at the seams, so time for a change!

I ended up finding a beautiful tote from Rosetti – it’s ahhhmazzing!

It’s a neutral so it goes with everything and the size is just right. It fits all my “Mommy gear” – iPad, wallet, keys and kid snacks – and it still looks glam when I’m rushing from ballet lessons to a soccer match. 

The Rosetti Ring In The Tides Hobo has close to a zillion compartments and pockets for easy organizing and a middle zipper to keep everything secure. 

The buckles and metal accents on the outside give it a trendy feel and did I mention that it has room for everything?!? It’s so functional, you’d think it was designed especially for moms.


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