Hot Fashion Trends for Spring 2012


It’s that time again – as the seasons begin to change, all the stores are filling up with the hottest looks for spring!  Even if you’re still bundled up in your winter gear, here is a peek at some of the newest spring-inspired trends that I have fallen in love with.  If you are like me, and you love fashion then allow your senses to soar with a few of my favorite hot picks:


?Dresses are super-hot this season so now is the time to focus on your workout.  Pilates, yoga and strength training are great ways to get your legs looking sexy and don’t forget about your arms because these dresses will show off your hard work! 

Long colorful dresses and interesting prints are hitting the stores, for example this printed crepe dress from Clover Canyon.  Another dress trend that’s rolling over this spring: Short belted/wrap-effect dresses.

Dress Pants

Dress pants are also a hot item this spring, so definitely look into purchasing a few.  I would go with a black wide leg pant with a flare as well as a pair in white. Add some gorgeous colored bright tops and you are ready to go!


?As for shoes, I am living in both Chanel ballet flats along with the gorgeous Miu Miu flats embellished with rhinestones.  I LOVE to pair them with a dark skinny jean and a white t- shirt.

I also love the wedge shoes because they work with both dresses and pants (they also happen to be more comfortable then a regular high heel).  Colors, black, camel and snakeskin tones will be all you need for this season.


As for handbags I am looking into a beautiful blue bag – possibly Prada or even Celine. Blue is so hot I think it can be considered a classic and plum is another one that you know you can pull out almost any year.

The most important thing is to be confident and wear what you know looks great on you. Always dress in clothes that highlight your best assets – so if you have amazing legs show them off this season in a flirty dress or a great pair of shorts. You can even be bold and wear the wedge with them. Why not? Fashion is about feeling great and having fun.  This season is all about color which really makes me happy, it’s hard not to glow when your wearing a bright colored top! 

My final advice is to take a peek at the website  Net-a- they feature top designers with their new Spring collections.   I think you will love how they put everything together and provide great looks that you can use for yourself every day. 

Go forward and be beautiful!

?Tara Brooke ?XOXO



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