Compassion: The Answer to Life’s Problems


There are times when it feels the negative energy all around is overwhelming. If we are not careful, we can get sucked in and add to the negative cloud with our own thoughts on the negativity we are experiencing. How do we break free? How do we own our responsibility for our personal energy and its impact on the whole without becoming a victim of our environment?

Is it possible to see, hear, and feel the negativity without judgment? After all, judgement can be a dangerous slope downward towards increased negative energy of our own doing. How do we escape it when we see the pain and fear inflicted on our loved ones, each other, and the environment?

In my heart I believe the answer is compassion.

Compassion – sympathy for the suffering of others.

Whether the pain is being inflicted on you personally, or you are a witness to its ill effects, the way out is compassion. Being able to see the suffering behind the negativity, makes it easier not to judge, not to be sucked in and taken over by your own emotional reaction. Can you imagine a world where compassion ruled?

The beautiful side of bad decisions, negative reactions, and our own experience with pain and fear is that they allow us the gift of compassion. Knowing that the root of negativity is pain, and knowing what pain feels like personally, it can be an open door to allowing our heart and compassion to be released. Think of someone’s negativity being directed at you as a bubbling over of their personal pain. You can forgive if you can remain conscious and have compassion for their suffering. You can also forgive yourself for the times you’ve allowed your negative emotions to overtake your true self with compassion.

The more we practice seeing the negativity in the world with a compassionate heart, the greater the consciousness of the whole becomes. You can be a catalyst for change towards a greater good with your love and compassion. It is who you really are. ?



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