North Carolina Summer Vacation


Hi Friends! We are home from our summer vacation. We traveled to North Carolina to visit lots of family. It was a great time. The weather was amazing!

On the way to North Carolina we opted for an overnight flight in the hopes that our children would sleep on the plane. Ummm… it sounded like a good idea until we realized that it is really hard for the kids to lie down and get comfy to sleep. Fun stuff! Let’s just say the travel part was my least favorite part of the trip.


Once we arrived we had lots of fun.

My handsome Hubby and me.


The kids were basically water babies the whole time!

My sister snapped this great picture of my Hubby and son on the Jet Ski. Big Brother has been talking about it ever since.

Here is a picture of my daughter and me watching a beautiful sunset together.

The sky was breathtakingly beautiful!

These next 2 pictures of Hubs fishing on the dock are completely unedited, except for the added signature. The sky was really that vibrant and striking.

My daughter watching Daddy fish.


At the ocean we had a great time digging in the sand. I wish I snapped a picture of the professional looking sand castle my husband and brother-in-law, Uncle Dan built together. It even had seashell floors!

Big Brother


Watching the waves with my daughter.

Even though it was zoiling hot I still managed to drink hot coffees on the beach and loved it?!


My son was 100% convinced this was a REAL pirate ship in the background.


We paid the fee to go out on the pier.

It lasted approximately 1.2 minutes before my son announced he had to go to the bathroom, so back we went. Money well spent. Hey, even though we didn’t make it to the end of the pier at least I got a picture!


On the last evening Uncle Dan wanted to go fishing, so my sister Rachel, my husband and I tagged along.

Uncle Dan, Aunt Rachel, and Hubby in the distance.


This is how the professionals cast!

I’m happy to report it was a successful ocean fishing adventure.


BIG fish …

He caught a SHARK!


Fortunately, Uncle Dan is a fireman and really brave so he held the shark up for a picture…



Thank you to our family for a wonderful time!!!


I hope you have a beautiful day, friends ?





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