2 Healing Meditation Practices


These meditation practices actually came to me while meditating. ? Meditation is truly my greatest source of inspiration for writing. Space is a necessary element for creation.

Today’s meditation focuses on healing. Whether you are struggling with health concerns of your own, or others you care about, our innate healing power is, I believe, one of our biggest untapped resources. More and more people are beginning to recognize healing power through prayer, and many dedicate their lives to the healing power of touch.

It is my greatest hope that through my life’s journey I will fully allow the door to open to what I believe is our innate ability to heal.

To your good health! ?


Healing Meditation Exercise 1: The Black Hole

Think of your healing power like a black hole, able to eat up space and time.

See the illness entering the black hole rewinding all that is unhealthy back to the natural state of health.

Allow yourself to be.


Healing Meditation Exercise 2: Heat

Picture the sun with infinitely close contact to the source that wants healing.

Picture the sun scorching that which is unhealthy until it burns, and is no more than mere smoke.

Watch as the smoke rises and is released out of the body.

Feel peace come over your body.



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