Denise Richards’ Daughters Are Her Life


Denise Richards seems to be a fantastic mom. Down to earth and super hands-on, the actress says, “We have dinner every night at the same time – a homemade meal – and we just talk.”

“My girls are always saying funny things; they pick up a lot when I think they aren’t listening. The other day Lola said I looked ‘spectacular,’ which I thought was funny for a [5]-year-old,” the mother of daughters Sam, 6½, and Lola Rose, 5 laughs.

Richards admits, however, that the girls’ comedic timing is not only confined to the dinner table. “While at a red-carpet event, my daughter she told me – quite loudly – that she’d passed gas,” confessed the Mother’s Little Helpers actress.

In her 6-and-a-half years as a mommy, Denise has acquired much know-how about balancing her life as a Hollywood A-lister and a mother. She has concluded that although her love life is important, her girls are even more so. She’ll only introduce a suitor to the little ladies of it’s “very serious”.

Her happiest times are still spent watching Sam and Lola grow up. “[My proudest moment is] when they are nice to each other and can share and say sorry without me asking them to,” Richards notes.



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