Could A New World Be Blossoming?


The more I am blessed to connect with people from around the world through the internet, the more my heart blooms inside with hope for a new world. Could it be that our generation, and even more so future generations, will be more in touch with the global community than the illusion of separateness? Will we find a way through the door to know and understand that as a world we are much more alike than we are different? Is internet global communication an open door for change?

We are so blessed to be alive now! Alive in a time when with the click of a few keys we can say hello and how are you doing to someone that once seemed so far away, in a place unknown to us. In the human web that we are all a part of, we are not far away, we are ever so close.

If we want change for a more peaceful world, for a more connected world, I think our biggest obstacle is overcoming the illusion of power. Once we get over trying to control, first on the self level, and then on the societal level, we will open a door that has been closed for far too long. Once we realize true power and allow others to be, instead of trying to make people conform to us, we will have at our finger tips the essence of peace.

“Now is the time for us to wake up to the fullness of our beauty,
 to get on with and amplify the work of healing ourselves,
our societies and the planet,
building on everything worthy that has come before and that is flowering now.
No intention is too small and no effort insignificant.”

~Jon Kabat-Zinn

As Jon Kabat-Zin states “no intention is too small and no effort insignificant” to me means we must begin this work on our own personal level. We must stop trying to control others. We must stop tirelessly trying to make people agree with our opinions or our own agenda and allow them to be.

Most importantly when others disagree we need to see the light within ourselves and know that no one’s opinion of us could touch in the slightest the real essence of who we are. In that way, we can stop taking differences personally, and know and trust that we all know what is right for us personally, and it doesn’t have to be the same. We don’t need to be the same, and the fact is we can’t make other people be the same. The end result in trying to do that is harming ourselves and pushing others away.

Walk through your life with love in the forefront. Don’t be fearful of difference. Don’t judge difference. Don’t try to change difference. Allow it to be. That is real freedom my friends.

At the end of the day the light will shine through, so just make sure your light is on and don’t worry about the rest. We all want the same- love and the power to be ourselves.

Excitement about the great potential that zings all around us touches my soul and I can feel its vast presence.


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