Flower Crafts for Kids


Crafts bring out the creativity in children of all ages. The flower theme works well in the spring, but it can be used any time of the year. In the classroom, flower craft projects add a creative aspect to a science unit on plants and flowers. The flower crafts work well as decorations or as homemade gifts, particularly for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day.

Seed Mosaics

Seeds in different colors create a natural look to a flower mosaic picture. For younger kids, provide an outline of a flower. Older kids might prefer to design their own flowers. Encourage kids to draw flowers with large sections for easier application of the seeds. Working one section at a time, the kids spread glue onto the flower outline. They sprinkle seeds in the preferred color over the glue, shaking off the excess. Repeat the process with each section, using different colors of seeds for contrast. Other materials, such as tiny beads, glitter or small pieces of paper also work to add the color to the flower mosaics.

Flower Pots

An inexpensive terra cotta flower pot creates the base for this kids’ flower craft. Let the kids paint the pots however they want. For an even more affordable version, use Styrofoam cups and acrylic paint. The kids can also glue on buttons, glitter, beads and other craft materials to embellish the flower pots. Add a piece of floral foam to the inside of the pot or cup. The floral foam supports craft flowers the kids make. For simple flowers, cut out the petals and glue them to a green craft stick or pipe cleaner. Press the opposite end into the floral foam to create a homemade floral arrangement.

Edible Flowers

Edible crafts give the kids a creative outlet followed by a tasty treat. Cookie pops resemble a flower and are appropriate for varying ages of children. Use your favorite sugar cookie recipe for the pops, rolling it out to about 1/4-inch thick. Cut out the cookies with a flower-shaped cookie cutter and place them on a prepared cookie sheet. Press a lollipop stick into the cookie about halfway through and bake, according to the package directions. After the flower cookie pops are baked, let the kids decorate them with different colored icing, sprinkles and candies.

Painted Flowers

Paper and paint satisfies the artist in many children. If the kids want to get messy, create flowers using fingerprints. The kids dip a finger into paint and dab it onto the paper. They continue dabbing fingerprints in a circular pattern to create the petals of the flower. The fingerprints should touch slightly without overlapping completely to create the flower. For a less messy approach, dip any small, round object into the paint and use the same technique. A thread spool, pencil eraser or film canister are just a few ideas that work well.



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