How Do I Pack for a Weekend Camping Trip?


Camping is a great family activity — giving everyone an appreciation for nature and providing the perfect venue for lifelong memories. However, this fantasy adventure can quickly become a nightmare if you aren’t prepared. Pack everything you might need for your weekend get away. This will help you avoid later panic.

Step 1

Make a list of the weekend’s activities and all the items you might need. If there are specific activities you plan to participate in, pack those items first. These might include tackle boxes or fishing poles. Toys, such as footballs and plastic flying discs, will keep kids entertained.

Step 2

Set out a backpack for each camper. Set out clothes for each day, including underwear. Also pick out an extra full outfit, in case one gets dirty. Roll these into plastic bags and place them in the backpacks. Wind a roll of clothesline and place it in one backpack. You can hang the clotheslines at the campsite for drying wet clothes.

Step 3

Write down, on your list, a meal you will eat each day. Pack a cooler with perishable and shelf-stable foods for each meal. Even if you plan to catch fish to eat, pack some other food to eat, just in case. Check your camping spot’s policy on fires. Pack a Bunsen burner if you can’t have a bonfire. Place matches in a plastic bag so they don’t get wet. Pack a manual can opener, cutting board or anything else you might need to prepare food.

Step 4

Pack a sleeping bag and pillow for everyone. Make sure there is a spot in a tent for everyone. Pack the tents, the stakes and a mallet to secure them.

Step 5

Prepare for the worst. Pack a first-aid kit, including any prescription drugs. Cell phones, cash and battery operated radios are useful in case of inclement or dangerous weather or breakdowns. Throw in some ponchos, hats and sunscreen.



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