Road Safety Activities for Kids


Adults understand the potential danger from cars whizzing down the street, but children don’t always perceive the potential for serious injury or even death. This leaves them open to risk, whether they’re walking to school, playing near the road or riding bikes with friends. Road safety activities give kids a chance to practice road rules in a controlled environment.

Practice Road

Before practicing road safety on an actual road, give kids a chance to practice without actual vehicles. A pretend road, either indoors or out, lets kids practice looking before crossing the road and following general road rules. Cut a road from a large sheet of cardboard or use tape lines on the floor inside. For an outdoor road practice, draw a road on cement with sidewalk chalk. You can also make traffic signs and set up intersections for more detailed practice. Let the kids move around in the pretend city for practice.

Red and Green

Red and green are two main colors used to control traffic. Integrate these colors into everyday activities to reinforce the concept with kids. Cut out circles from red and green paper. When you want the kids to stop what they are doing, hold up the red circle. When they are free to move around, use the green circle.


To stay safe on and near the road, kids need to identify proper rules of the road. This game helps kids determine mistakes made near the road. Draw pictures of different road scenarios that put a child in danger. Ideas include crossing somewhere other than a crosswalk, running out between parked cars, riding a bike against the traffic or ignoring traffic signs. The kids identify the problem in the picture. This gives you an opportunity to discuss or review the corresponding road safety rule.

Road Safety Posters

This road safety art project works well as a review of the road safety tips taught. The kids design posters that emphasize road safety. Encourage the kids to include both pictures and words if they are old enough. For example, the picture might show a child standing near a crosswalk waiting for the “Walk” sign. Another idea would be a child running out between two parked cars with a line through the picture to show that you shouldn’t do it. Hang the road safety posters where kids can see them as a reminder.



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