Bizarre Things My Kids Do



Big Brother


The only reason he will eat an apple whole is for the seeds. He eats one side until he gets to the center, then runs to the kitchen to get a utensil in order to pry the seeds out of the apple core. He’ll carry as many seeds as he can manage to remove securely around the house in a tightly clenched fist, until he finds what seems to be the perfect spot to grow an apple tree- indoors- then stashes the seeds. Oh how I love finding piles of apple seeds! It’s like treasure hunt for Mommies.

His eyes are extremely sensitive to light. Think vampire or bat. If his sunglasses aren’t on pre-walking out the door he’ll cover his eyes, circling around like a chicken with no head yelling “I CAN’T SEE!” At the dentist he began to look upset. The concerned hygienist asked “What’s wrong? Does it hurt?” Nope. It was those darn florescent lights on the ceiling. Apparently the sunglasses didn’t work.

When he wants his little sister’s attention, he gets down on all fours and pretends to be a cat. He meows at her side until she gives him her affection – sweet kisses and the usual “Aw, you’re a cute kitty!” 



Little Sister


She tells everyone she’s three, but she’s not. She’s 2. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t believe me.

She is showing early signs of a love for baking. Her favorite books to ‘read’ are not kids’ books. They’re my cook books! Last week she napped with her pretend cookie sheet. The next day she followed it up by napping with my chocolate cookbook. All her idea!

She loves to look at dogs. From across the street she’ll go on and on and on about how cute they are. Then when they get up close she runs frantically away and SCREAMS! I’m talking as high a pitch as you can possibly imagine- like she has seen a rat!

We’re trying to potty train her. She’s showing all the signs of being ready, but she refuses to go on the potty chair even though she hates being wet. Her favorite place ‘to go’– the garage! Hey, at least it is easier to clean up!

Her favorite things to wear — Mommy’s heals and Daddy’s toque (yes – she’s 50% Canadian). Summer, winter, spring or fall. Often simultaneously.


Please tell me – What bizarre things do your kids do? I could use a good laugh!




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