See the Meaning in Your Life



See the meaning in everything, and your life will have more meaning.

Are you looking at a picture?  What does it mean to you?

What does the expression on your child’s face mean?

Are you feeling life with your heart?

Are you present and conscious of the meaning in everything?  Or are you traveling through life with your blinders up?

If you receive a note today take a moment to feel its meaning. 

Feel the intention behind every action you take. 

Go to the root of all life and sense the meaning behind everything you encounter in your day.

If someone crosses you the wrong way, see the suffering behind their actions.

If someone shows you an act of kindness, see the intent to share love behind it.

Your life has great meaning, as does everything that happens in your day.  Let your senses pick up on that incredible energy, allowing it to flow through you and light the way.


Our family is taking a long weekend this week to celebrate and enjoy the beautiful month of August.  Wishing you a wonderful Friday and Weekend!  Be back Monday evening ?


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