Morning Exercise Plans for Women


Many moms find that the best way to beat the battle of the bulge is to rise with the sun and engage in exercise before they begin their busy day of child wrangling. While morning exercise may seem akin to torture, in truth, many find this a.m. physical activity period to be an energy boost. If you are considering becoming a morning workout warrior, explore the array of morning exercise plans at your disposal.

Morning Jog

Many women enjoy letting the morning dew hit their faces as they engage in jogging. Jogging is a fantastic way to get your heart pumping in the morning. By engaging in this activity during the a.m. hours, you can avoid the heat of day, something that is particularly useful in the hot summer months. By taking a 30-minute jog in the morning, you can start your day off with a 295-calorie burn, reports WebMD.

Social Stroll

If jogging is a bit much for you in the morning, consider turning it down a notch and joining with a friend in a day-starting walk. By partnering with a fellow mom, you can make the task of working out in the morning a little bit more enjoyable and increase the likelihood that you stick to you plan, as you will have someone else pushing you not to give up on your walking efforts. While a morning walk may not seem like it would garner much of a calorie burn, in truth, a simple 30-minute walk can burn 145 calories.

AM Lap Session

Start your morning off in the pool by engaging in a morning round of laps. Visit your area recreation center, or use your backyard pool for this athletic undertaking. Set a morning lap goal, and as this swimming task becomes easier, add to your number of laps. Time yourself to make sure that you keep moving during your swim period.

Pre-Shower Crunches

If your morning is too hectic for a long exercise plan, try some simple pre-shower crunches. Before you start to get ready in the morning, lie down and do a round of ab crunches. To promote this activity, lay a yoga mat on the bathroom floor or a section of floor next to your bed. Keep track of your crunches in a journal or on a sheet of paper that you can keep tucked in your nightstand so that you have written record of your fitness attempts for your own reference. As your abs tone, increase the number of reps you complete to ensure that you continue to receive the abdominal workout you desire.

Day-Starting Basketball Session

Make your morning exercise competitive by gathering some girlfriends for a series of morning basketball games. By playing a 30-minute round of basketball with your friends, you can burn 220 calories before your day even begins. If you don’t have any friends who appreciate this sport, get your kids in the game. Their boundless energy will likely keep you going during your morning workout efforts.



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