Unconditional Love



When we see someone we feel is in need of help it can be heart wrenching to watch. It is human nature to start trying to help by controlling. Our hearts might be in the right place but too often our minds take over. This phenomenon can be seen worldwide with many of our foreign policies, but it is a large scale mirror of what happens frequently on the individual level.

There are times when the best way to help another is to let them be. Instead of trying to change them to be like us or seeing our way of doing things as the right way, having a change in perspective can go a long way. Allow the lessons of the universe to unfold as they may.

As opposed to trying to change or control another under the guise of helping, ask yourself what can I learn from this situation? What are the lessons in it for me? I suspect as I watch my children grow older the need to remind myself of this important message will grow increasingly important.

Share compassion by listening with an open heart. True power lies in allowing others to be who they are, just as they are in this moment in time. Love without trying to change. Listen without trying to control. That is the greatest gift you can give- your unconditional love.


Have you experienced this in your life?


Have a beautiful weekend friends! ?



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