Does Meditation Produce Positive Results?


OK, so it has been another 2 + weeks since I got back on the meditation bandwagon after a rough start. I have been really committed to doing 10 minutes of meditation per day in order to experiment and see how it impacts my life. I have to fess up and be completely honest. Weekdays I have been really good about making sure I get my 10 minutes of meditation in. The weekend rolls around, meanwhile I am having fun with my family and it is a break from our normal weekday routine, and I tend to fall off the wagon for those 2 days.

Monday hits again and I am more than happy to start over. I’m going with the flow and if I make it a priority to meditate 5 days out of 7, I am pleased with that. Of course I would like myself to do it every day because 10 minutes really is not very long. The change in routine on the weekend is good for me though, and refreshing, so I’ll just let it be, and if it happens it happens.

 Here is a quick recap on what I do:

• In the afternoon around 3:00, which is also the time I start to feel an energy crash, I sit in a quiet spot (quiet being the goal not a guarantee ;-) For me the best spot is my bedroom.

• Next I set my cell phone alarm for 10 minutes. This way I let go of worrying how much time has passed and just let myself relax. It also ensures that I meditate for a full 10 minutes and not 1 minute and a half.

• To start it helps me to picture myself breathing in a wonderful spot. For example under a tree, under the stars, or maybe even in Greece :0) This allows me to relax and brings my attention to my breath.

When thoughts roll in I try not to stay focused on them. I acknowledge that they are there, but let them pass through trying not to judge them. If I am having trouble getting stuck on a thought I literally try to picture my thought as a cloud passing through, but the cloud never stains the sky.


Here is what I have noticed meditation does for me:

It gives me an opportunity to make 10 min of ‘me-time’ a priority. It is a great thing because most of the day is focused on other people, but just a few minutes to myself helps me recharge and makes me feel as though I have more to give.

After meditating I feel more patient again, which can start to wear down by the afternoon!

Meditating sometimes sparks creativity within me. I have had some creative ideas pass through while meditating.

Meditation also motivates me on some days. For example, one thing I have wanted to get done is organizing all our wrapping supplies and separating Christmas and Birthday. I try to reuse what I can and waste less. While meditating the strong desire to actually take action on it even though I have wanted to get it done for months now, really came over me. While my husband and kids were packing up Christmas decorations I actually did it, which was kind of a shock because that type of thing usually never leaves the to-do list.



The results of adding 10 min of meditation to my day have been remarkable enough that I still have the desire to continue doing it, and report back in a few more weeks what other changes or benefits I have noticed, and if I have kept it up.

Today while I was meditating I actually feel asleep! I was really surprised to have fallen asleep that quickly, but I was so cozy. The reason I even knew I feel asleep was because when I was thinking about my meditation thoughts afterward I realized they were much more like a dream :-P

The past 2 nights I didn’t get the minimum 7 hours, and I would absolutely take 9 if I could! Meditating may have motivated me to go to bed earlier tonight, and well that is good for my health ;-)

We shall see where this goes…

Have a wonderful rest of your week, friends! I’m excited to come back next week!! :)


Have you tried meditating? Why or why not? If you have, have you noticed any results? Thanks for sharing your thoughts!





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