How to Decorate a Teen Boy’s Bedroom


A teen’s room gives him a place to study, hang out and do his other hobbies, in addition to the obvious sleeping he does there. If your teenage son lets you near his bedroom, make the decorating process a joint effort. Involving him in the process allows him to express his individuality in the bedroom decor. A decorating plan before you begin the process ensures the decor works well together and stays on budget.

Step 1

Discuss theme options with your teenager if he wants to be part of the planning process. Consider his hobbies or interests as a theme, such as skateboarding, music or video games. Choose a color scheme that works with the theme and fits your teen’s preferences.

Step 2

Write a list of activities your son does in the bedroom. Plan an area to handle each activity, such as a desk for studying, dresser for clothing storage, and beanbags or floor pillows for lounging.

Step 3

Assess the current furnishings in the room to determine if they are still usable in the new decor. Remember that a coat of paint can dress up an old bed frame, desk or dresser to make it more fitting for the room. Purchase any additional furniture pieces as needed to complete the room design.

Step 4

Paint the walls in one of the theme colors. A dark color on the walls can make a room feel cave-like and smaller, so choose the wall color carefully. For more wall accents, add a painted wall mural or large wall art to fit the bedroom theme.

Step 5

Add lighting sources to complement an overhead light. For example, you might place a themed lamp on your son’s study desk to provide enough light for studying. A wall light installed above the lounge area gives more light when he hangs out with his friends.

Step 6

Buy a bedding set that fits the theme or the color scheme of the room. Many bedding sets offer coordinating curtains to make dressing the windows easier.

Step 7

Install a shelving unit in the room to serve as storage. Use canvas bins on the shelves to hold smaller objects.

Step 8

Display your son’s awards, collectibles and other significant possessions on shelves or dresser tops.



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