Change of Plans


Lately, I have been trying to figure out a personal balance that feels right between time online and time unplugged. You may have got that sense last week in the article Does Unplugging Help Achieve Balance? Our family time on the weekend is something I truly treasure. Currently, with my blogging schedule I publish a new post 5 times per week, Sunday afternoon through Thursday afternoon. The reason I have done it this way is so that Monday morning there is a new post ready to go.

However, it means that I am on the computer working on my blog Sunday afternoons, which may not be the right balance for me. For a little while I thought I would try switching things up and publishing new posts Monday afternoon – Friday afternoon. This means there will not be a new post up first thing on Monday morning.

Making this change is more than just what is right for me. I am very grateful that you share in this journey with me, and it is very important to me to know how this impacts you. Do you have an opinion on which posting schedule you like better, or do you feel it doesn’t make too much of a difference?

Please share your honest opinions with me in the comments.  I want to make this blog work well for you! If you have any ideas or thoughts on what you would like to hear more about, or see more articles on, please let me know. Your feedback is super important!

Thank you, friends!

Here is to creating a wonderful week! laugh

?With Love,
Wendy Irene



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