What Did Katie Holmes Get in the Divorce?


TomKat are officially divorced as of Monday, and now details of the settlement have been leaked.

A source told TMZ that Katie Holmes walked away from her six year marriage to Tom Cruise with “nothing more” than $400,000 a year in child support until Suri turns 18.

Cruise is also on the hook for things like the six-year-old’s medical and dentals costs and school tuition.

While $400K is a pretty significant chunk of change, many have expressed surprise that Holmes didn’t ask for more (considering her now ex-husband is valued at around $250 million).

The couple had a prenuptial agreement in place, but she could have sought spousal support or a portion of the assets accumulated during the marriage… the fact that she didn’t may be some indication of how badly she wanted out.

Or maybe the 33-year-old actress was holding out for the thing she valued the most – custody of her daughter.

Holmes has requested legal custody and primary residential custody, and sources say a key stipulation of the settlement is that Suri is barred from being sent away to any boarding or residential school. Like, say, Scientology ‘s Sea Org.

The mother-daughter duo are living in New York, where Suri is reportedly enrolled for the fall at Avenues – Manhattan’s latest for-profit prep school.



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