Suri’s New School Uniform!


Suri Cruise started first grade on Tuesday at Avenues, a new for-profit private school in NYC.

According to the website, this $40,000 a year institute of learning ” plans to be the best of this new breed of educational institution – hence its subtitle: The World School.”

Avenues has a rooftop playground, a fitness center, an immersive language program in Mandarin and Spanish… and a strict dress code.

Here are the choices:

White long- or short-sleeve loose-fitting polo shirt, blouse or turtleneck
White or black long- or short-sleeve loose-fitting t-shirt
Gray or black pants, skirts, jumpers, shorts
White, gray or black sweaters, vests, blazers

(No logo other than an Avenues logo is permitted on any articles of clothing.)

Gasp! Does this mean that Suri’s enviable collection of cute little dresses will get pushed to the back of the closet?

It looks like it.

Check out some photos of the six-year-old in her uniform (black skirt and white blouse) hanging out after school with her mom, Katie Holmes:

(The mother/daughter duo shared a treat at Alice’s Tea Cup)

But don’t worry, the budding fashionista can still show off her personal style through “any color accessories, including socks, tights, belts, ties, hairbands, etc.”

Ok, that’s better.

As we all know, Suri has QUITE the collection of accessories. Seriously people, this is a girl who was carrying an $850 Ferragamo handbag at the tender age of three.

Interestingly, Sarah Bayne, the Director of Educational Design at the school, noted that an Avenues team of educators “chose a uniform that would enable students, especially older ones, to blend in as they travelled the city.”


Maybe the dress code will also help Suri blend in with her classmates, giving her a little privacy from the ever-present paparazzi?

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