How to Get Family Health Insurance Quotes


Going without health insurance puts you and your family at risk, both financially and physically. If you have to pay the entire cost of health care services, you might be less likely to see the doctor for routine checkups or for health problems. Those without access to a group insurance policy through an employer have the option of buying a family health insurance policy on their own. The key to finding the best policy at an affordable price is shopping around for several quotes.

Step 1

Gather personal and health information about all family members before getting health insurance quotes. You’ll need this information to get an accurate quote, as these personal details affect the insurance premium. Things you’ll need to know include age, gender, height, weight, tobacco use, medical history and student or work status.

Step 2

Write a list of the typical appointments and medical professionals that all family members see each year. For example, if you have a baby you probably have several well-baby visits each year. You might also see chiropractors, family physicians, orthodontists and mental health professionals. Keep these things in mind when you compare what each family policy will cover.

Step 3

Consider your potential for having more children. A family policy without maternity coverage is more affordable, but it won’t cover any prenatal care or hospital bills if you get pregnant. Decide if you need a policy with maternity coverage or can get away without it.

Step 4

Discuss the types of coverages and plans you want. Dental and vision are usually extra, but it can save you money if you will use them.

Step 5

Discuss the deductibles, co-pay and coinsurance amounts you want on the policy. Higher deductibles, co-pays and coinsurance means you will pay less in premiums, but you also have to pay more when you need medical attention. Low deductibles, co-pays and coinsurance will save you each time you visit the doctor, but it will cost you more every month on your premium.

Step 6

Call or visit several insurance agents or companies to get a customized quote for your family. Provide all the gathered information and your preferences for the policy so the quotes can be specific to your needs. Ask for the same types and levels of coverage in the quotes so you can compare the different options equally.



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