A Pure Zest for Life


One of the most inspiring notions about my children is their pure zest for life. The smallest, most simple thing can excite them to no end, like having their own measuring spoons. At the same time, equally small things can get them terribly upset. For example, if you cut their sandwich in 2 halves when they didn’t want you to, not that I’ve experienced that or anything (I have 800 times!) Every parent knows, of course, that you’re supposed to be an expert at reading your child’s mind.

The energy of a child is awe-inspiring. Even during quiet time when my kids are watching a movie, they wouldn’t dream of sitting still. It honestly sounds like a herd of elephants stampeding across the floor, and I’m certain there are only 2 of them!

Children are so honest with their emotions. They don’t hold anything inside. When my son recently got hurt at school I asked him if he cried. He said “I did, A LOT!” Silly Mom, why would you ask me that “It really hurt!”

Children have the remarkable ability to release their joy or pain in that very moment. OK, so maybe it is a little awkward when it happens at a restaurant or in the grocery store, but it is good to live life purely, and a great reminder to let emotions out instead of allowing them to stew and bubble over into more suffering.

As adults, we take the expectations of how others expect us to act so deep and hard that we lock up our purest self. In trying to make sense of it all, we project and place expectations on others, continuing the oppression, often without even being aware of it. Art is a great tool to use in allowing emotions out because it has a unique ability to break through chains and barriers in a way we can all relate.

Today it is time to regain your natural zest for life. Let the smallest things delight you. Resist hindering the joyful experience. When you feel upset- own it! Most importantly, love the amazing person you are including your entire rainbow of emotions.


**HAPPY THANKSGIVING to my Canadian friends!



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